The Herb Pharm Salve Story


When we first put together the Backpack Project one of the things we wanted to do was create a basic First Aid Kit for it. Since many of the teens would be carrying the pack around with them wherever they went, the items we added needed to be especially useful as well as in a form that would be tough and unbreakable and un-spill-able. For several years I had been using a basic Herb Pharm Salve for any sort of cut or small wound and since it came in a small tin it struck me that it might be the perfect thing. Except that it cost nearly $10!


It just happened that this amazing herbal remedy company began it’s life right nearby in Williams OR, where they reside still.

“In 1979, Ed Smith walked into Powell’s the day before he was to move to southern Oregon with his wife, Sara Katv. In what now seems like divine intervention, the bookstore had just acquired the library of a deceased local pharmacist and had stacks of dusty, faded pharmacopoeias, formularies, and herbals for sale. Smith—now known as “Herbal Ed” in natural medicine circles—bought the lot. The couple headed to tiny, unincorporated Williams, in the hills near Medford, and began bottling and selling locally-harvested tinctures with the hand-applied label Herb Pharm.

36 years later, what started as an herb garden and a casual trade among local “Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, and hippies,” as Smith puts it, has turned into a veritable herb empire encompassing more than 100 acres of farmland.”

Courtesty of PDX Monthly   By Katelyn Best


Because it was such a perfect match for the Backpacks I thought I would call them and see if they could help us in some way. They did better than that! For nearly seven years they have donated the Herbal Salve for every backpack we have filled!

Thank you Herb Pharm for your wonderful generosity all these years. We love you!

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