Ongoing Way To Help # 2


Try a Recurring Monthly Donation

Now that I live on social security I find it easier to give a more substantial donation to groups that I want to support, by setting up small RECURRING MONTHLY donations. The Backpack Project has Donate buttons on the website and the Facebook page. When you click on the button you will go to a window where you can choose to use either to Paypal or your credit/debit card and a place to choose “Make this a monthly donation”.

I like using Paypal because I don’t have to fill out credit/debit card information each time I give or buy something.  But if you prefer to, you can.  For a Recurring Monthly Donation you just check the box next to “Make this a monthly donation.” on the page you go to after you click the Donate button. Then choose the “Donate with Paypal” button or the “Donate with a Credit/Debit card” button.  If you need to change the amount of the monthly donation in the future you can log in to your account and change it easily.

The beauty of the Recurring Monthly Donation is that you can give as little as $5 or $10 a month if that’s all you can manage, and it will still add up to a decent donation by the end of the year.

The recurring monthly donation helps small volunteer-run organizations like The Backpack Project to know what funds we will have to work with for the upcoming year. Knowing that we have money we can count on is wonderful! And it saves you time and effort. You only need to do it once and you can forget it for the year.

Donate Button


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