An Opportunity to Give Something Back…


Judy and Maureen getting things set up for a Packing Day

Are you newly retired and looking for something worthwhile to do with some of your time – that time when you aren’t reading a good book or puttering in your garden? Are you new to the area and looking for something that will connect you to other nice folks in the area? If you live in the “greater” Grants Pass area of southern Oregon and have an interest in doing something to help kids – homeless kids – The Backpack Project might be just the thing! You can read more about The Project on our website –

Here are a few of the things that are done 3 times a year – in August, in late November and in March:

  • Shop for supplies for the packs – online and locally
  • Help to set up and participate in three Pre-packing parties for assembling Hygiene kits, first aid kits and school supplies, among other things.
  • Help set up and work three main Packing Parties for filling the Backpacks
  • Help to deliver the filled packs to 18 different schools and agencies
  • Keep track of Inventory
  • Fundraise – explore possibilities for involving others in supporting the Project in creative ways.   Apply for grants.
  • Photography – take pictures of the people and events for use on the website/blog/Facebook pages and for news articles and other publicity.

You will be working with and getting to know other friendly, caring folks, doing something for kids in the community who need a helping hand. That seems like a nice way to spend a few hours each year, don’t you think?

If you would like to know more or get involved, email or go to the website at

2 thoughts on “An Opportunity to Give Something Back…

  1. Barb Allen says:

    Thank you James! That would be very nice. It would be great to have a batch of good pictures of Packing Day for our website and Facebook page. Are you acquainted with any of the Backpack team? Please let them (Trudy/Karen/Constance?) know that you are there with Barbara’s blessing – to photograph the event! Email me at barb22 at and we can work out how to get them to me.

    If you can show up a bit early and get pictures of them setting up that would be nice.
    Thanks very much
    Barb Allen


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