Happy report from the Homeless Teen Backpack Project


Pre-Packing Party team!

Nine people came to the pre-packing party on Thursday March 8. We opened bundles of merchandise and separated items into school kits, hygiene kits and first aid kits. We set up snack bundles and silverware bags. Cards were signed and letters were folded and enveloped stuffed. Everyone shared in disposing the oodles of packaging material. The whole process took about one and one half hours with lots of talking, laughing and good fun.

10-backpackDayOn Saturday thirteen people chipped in to help fill the 34 backpacks. Starting at 10:30, it took over an hour to set up and organize the packing tables. Then at 1:00, more people showed up and we spent about an hour and a half to fill the backpacks, break down empty cardboard boxes and put the room back in order. The set up time had the normal order and disorder, along with a bit of very friendly teasing. The actual packing went very smoothly because of extra preparation.

Best of all we met seven new people who stopped by to help after seeing our notice on the website. We shared some of the principles and philosophy of the Unitarian Universalists and invited them back to share more with us.

Thanks to everyone who made this project fun and successful, this week and throughout the school term. Watch for more notices later in the year.

Trudy Dobsyn

Note: All the wonderful photos of Packing Day were taken by James Ronan – a new friend to our project.  Thank you Jim!


March Backpack Packing Day!


We are coming up to the March Backpack Packing Day! We will be packing 34 packs this time so we are hoping for a big turn out of happy worker bees to lovingly fill those bags. The number of schools needing bags has grown to 16 and we give bags to the Maslow Project and Joe’s Place as well.

It’s a pleasant time – a nice time to meet new folks and do some good at the same time! It rarely takes more than two hours – often only one and you get the pleasure of being involved in a loving, open hearted activity.

Time – Saturday March 10, 2018 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Place – The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 129 NW E Street, Grants Pass, OR

For more information email info@homelessteenbackpacks.org.


Some of our happy teen “worker bees”!